Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Working titles interest me, because whenever I assign a working title to a book it always ends up being the final title. I wonder if this is just from familiarity, laziness, or knowing what I really wanted in the first place. 

I wonder what a production schedule of 14 days and $50,000 would get you these days? I have a friend who just raised $4,000 for his latest film through crowdfunding. I appeared in one of his zombie shorts he used to do every year a long time ago. 

I always thought it was cool that directors like Bob Clark would work with the same people over and over. It's conceivable if my friend became famous I might be in one of his movies. You can really see in Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, even in Porky's, and many of Bob Clark's other movies that these are people who liked working together and were being treated right. 

Aside from Zreaks, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things was also known as Revenge of the Living Dead and Things From The Dead. I think there are probably at least a couple of other movies titled revenge of the Living Dead, but I've never heard of one called Things From the Dead. I wonder what the deciding factor in titling the movie CSPWDT was.

I see on IMDB Jane Daly is the only actor from the movie who has an IMDB picture. I also see that this movie was shot back to back with Dead of Night as a two picture deal, using many of the same crew. This might be sacrilege, but I didn't care for Dead of Night very much because the central character was cruel, and it was just a mean movie. I'm not fond of movies where people are systematically tortured, like Cape Fear. 

Two more tidbits I just dug up on IMDB. The tombstones were made of styrofoam, and had the names of various crew members on them. I now have to go check that out by watching Zreaks again.

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